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Posted on 10 Sep 19:45
See how top athletes are getting the edge, and how you can incorporate the same high-tech into your training regime too!

6 High-Tech Wellness Treatments For Athletes

All the hard work happens in the gym, on the track or out on the field - but your progress and success as an athlete really depends on how you spend your recovery time.

All athletes are looking for ways to speed up the recovery process and enhance their performance - and we're so fortunate these days to have so many high-tech modalities to choose from.

These 6 high-tech wellness treatments are natural, non-invasive and accessibly priced - so give them a try if you haven't already!


1. Compex Muscular Stimulation

This small device can help you achieve big results by activating muscle fibres to enhancing your recovery. During the treatment, pads are placed on the skin at each end of the muscle. A tiny electrical current runs between each pad, using the muscle as a conduit.

While you relax, Compex sends a signal to the motor nerve of the muscle and causes involuntary contractions. This stimulation brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, while simultaneously flushing out toxins. Using Compex increases muscle strength and size, increases blood flow, removes lactic acid, releases endorphins, and promotes muscle relaxation.

In addition to helping you recover faster, Compex can also improve your VO2 max, build core strength, and even increase your vertical jump!

strength training

2. Cryotherapy

There are a few different forms of Cryotherapy, but all of them involve controlled and safe exposure to extremely low temperatures with nitrogen vapour.

Many athletes looking for a full-body healing experience have discovered the power of Cryosauna. In three minutes, this invigorating treatment can burn up to 800 calories, supercharging the metabolism and flushing out bodily toxins through the contraction and dilation of blood vessels.

Both full-body and spot treatments stimulate circulation and the production of collagen to promote rapid healing, while immediately reducing pain and inflammation. Cryotherapy is not only becoming very popular among athletes, but the general population are also using this very cool treatment for the endorphin release, better sleep, improved mental health and an energy boost.

If you're looking to maximise your recovery and improve your overall performance, it doesn't get much cooler than Cryotherapy!


3. Halotherapy

As a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antihistamine, the healing power of salt has been known across many cultures for centuries. These days, salt therapy (aka Halotherapy) is growing in popularity among athletes looking for that competitive edge.

In addition to healing skin conditions like Eczema and relieving respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Halotherapy can also increase our uptake of oxygen.

For athletes, this means improved stamina and an increase in overall performance - and all you need to do is relax in a salt room, and breath in the tiny particles of pharmaceutical grade salt. So next rest day - why not head to your local wellness centre and let the salt work its magic?!


4. Floatation Tanks

Imagine floating on your back, surrounded by salty, skin temperature water. There's no light or sound - and no distractions for an entire hour. This stimulant-free, zero-gravity experience is the ideal environment for deep meditation and extreme relaxation.

The high levels of magnesium in the salty water keep you afloat while soaking into your muscles to relieve post-workout swelling and tension. The deep meditation that floating facilitates is well known to speed up physical healing and recovery while lowering cortisol and blood pressure and increasing endorphins.

Emerging from the float tank, you're so relaxed, and yet - your energy is renewed. Your mental clarity is through the roof - and you're excited to bring this level of focus and concentration to your next training session!

recovery session

5. Normatec Recovery System

Normatec is an exciting compression treatment used by athletes to improve their recovery by enhancing the body's ability to circulate blood and remove waste products. Worn like pants or giant boots, this device uses compressed air to massage your limbs and mobilise fluid to speed up your recovery.

It's a pretty similar concept to the compression garments worn during exercise and feels a bit like a massage. The process of lymphatic and metabolic drainage can take anywhere from 24 to 36 hours to occur naturally. Normatec shortens this process to around an hour - meaning you're ready for another epic training session much sooner!


6. Muse Meditation Headbands

Last, but definitely not least - Muse Meditation Headbands enable athletes to gain quick and easy access to the healing power of meditation.

With natural sounds, Muse gently guides the meditator and uses gamification techniques to help them obtain a deeper sense of calm and focus.

Using EEG sensors, Muse tracks your brainwaves and provides real-time feedback to ensure your mind is staying clear.

After the session, athletes can access graphs and charts showing how the session went, and allowing them to track their progress over time.

Learning to meditate with Muse can help athletes improve their response to stress and experience faster recovery, as well as set up the ideal mental environment for effective visualisation.


Holistic wellness centres are great places to spend recovery days, as they offer a wide range of treatments to help us reconnect our mind, body and soul.

When advanced technology combines with ancient wisdom, we find ourselves in a beautiful, healing environment that allows the results from our training to truly surface. So - if you're an athlete of any level, make sure you look up your local wellness centre!