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Posted on 28 Jan 22:20
If we were more conscious of the critical role that water plays for our bodies we would no doubt choose the bottle of water over the Diet Coke.

By weight, adult bodies are made up of between 50-65% water, with the brain and heart comprised of approximately 73% water, and the lungs 83% water. 64% of the skin is water, muscles and kidneys are at roughly 79% and surprisingly even our adult bones are around 31%.

With our bodies made up of so much water, it’s a pretty obvious key that great health will come from effective hydration, particularly when that water is clean and pure.

If we were more conscious of the critical role that water plays for our bodies we would no doubt choose the bottle of water over the Diet Coke.

Water serves a number of essential functions that keep us alive, which we’ll look at below. However the beauty of effective hydration is that it not only will keep you alive, but it will make you feel better than ever.

1. Water is a Major Cause of Daytime Fatigue

Wondering why you constantly feel like nodding off at work? It may be more than boredom or a lack of focus. Research shows that lack of hydration is a major cause of daytime fatigue.

Most people make it worse by drinking a caffeinated drink such as coffee to keep them awake, which prolongs the problem as it’s a mild diuretic meaning it will take a partial amount of water from reserves in your body.

So the next time you’re feeling tired why not have a large glass of water instead. Or better yet mix in our Tropeaka energy boosting powders into a glass of water and have a double-shot of healthy power!

2. Without Effective Hydration You Can’t Have Effective Nutrition

Water is one of the major keys behind effectively metabolising our food. Not only does it aid in breaking down food but it can also help flush away waste from the intestinal tract, freeing up the resources of the small intestines to absorb broken down nutrients into the bloodstream by way of our circulatory system.

Further, water helps transport nutrients around the body via the bloodstream with 90% of blood plasma made up of water. Plasma’s primary role is to transport nutrients, hormones, salts, enzymes and proteins to the parts of the body that needs it.

3. Water is the Key to Waste Removal

Water plays a big role in the body’s removal of waste through the digestive tract. As our food is broken down and then absorbed in the small intestines, excess waste is then passed on through the large intestines as it travels through the colon.

This process requires a significant amount of water for the body’s organs to effectively digest and subsequently remove waste. Water also plays a vital role in the healthy functioning of the kidneys which is involved in the excretion of waste from the body and the liver which is responsible for the removal of toxins and waste from the blood.

4. Water Regulates Your Body Temperature

Water plays a vital role in ensuring that we stay cool in hot environments. This is achieved through sweat which evaporates from the surface of the skin, cooling the body.

Interestingly, water has a high specific heat capacity. This means that although it takes lots of energy to heat it up, it also takes a lot of energy to cool it down; meaning that water can also play a key role in regulating a person’s body temperature in cold environments.

5. It’s an Effective Shock Absorber

Cerebrospinal Fluid is a clear, colourless and slightly alkaline body fluid found in the brain and spine. Its chief role is to act as a cushion for the brain’s cortex providing basic protection from shock as well as immunological protection.

Cerebrospinal Fluid is 99% water and is yet another way that water plays a vital role in the health of our bodies.

Water is also used as a shock absorber for the eyes and interestingly it also protects the foetus during pregnancy via amniotic fluid. This fluid is made up primarily of water from maternal plasma.

6. It‘s Vital for Lubrication Around Joints

Water plays a key role again in the lubrication of joints in the form of synovial fluid, which has a thick, stringy, white-like consistency. Cartilage around joints is also made up primarily of water; anywhere between 65-80 percent.

In fact water is often recognised by specialists as a key way to ensure proper bone-health, or as some put it keeping the joints hydrated.

7. Water is Great for Skin Complexion

Hydration goes much further than just keeping your internal organs running efficiently. In fact, skin is our largest organ with adults carrying on average around 3.6kg of skin at any one time and covering approximately 2 square metres on average.

As the School of Medicine and Public Health points out, just like any other organ it is made up of cells. And skin cells, like any other cells are made up of water. Without adequate hydration these cells won’t function at their best.

In regards to skin cells, this lack of hydration will show up in dry, irritated and cracked skin, which in turn means the skin is less resilient and will be more prone to wrinkles.

After you consume water, there will be a positive effect on internal organs before the benefits reach the skin; so it’s best to look after your skin not only by drinking water, but through external therapies, in order to ensure the skin is properly hydrated.

Effective treatments include applying a hydrating moisturizer to the skin straight after leaving the shower, as this is when the skin is most porous and open to receiving treatments.

Another great tip is applying a product that contains hyaluronic acid to the skin before moisturizing. Hyaluronic acid is an amazing discovery; it can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, therefore providing effective saturation and hydration of the skin.

8. Water Affects Your Mood

Dehydration not surprisingly affects your mood. When you’re thirsty your body is in a shortage and won’t run effectively.

Research shows that dehydration will ultimately make you crankier and moodier, so for positive vibes throughout the day, make sure you drink water before you even begin to have the onset of thirst.

9. Athletic Performance Improves

Athletic performance is enhanced when we have ample supply of water. As mentioned earlier over 60% of our muscles are made up of water, so without effective hydration, our muscles won’t work as effectively.

You may not be a professional athlete, however chances are you do go to the gym or exercise for the benefits of health. Therefore it makes sense to get the most out of any training session that you complete by ensuring you stay hydrated. When your performance during training improves then you’ll see your physical goals achieved faster.

10. Water is the Key to Life

It’s fitting that the last point is a basic yet all-encompassing key to drinking more water. An overlooked need and benefit of water is that it is the centre of nutritional life. We can live on average 2-3 weeks without food however without water this drops down to around 72 hours in general conditions.

We encourage you to drink more water, try increasing your water intake by carrying around a water bottle with you during the day, so that you don’t have the urge to go and buy a health-damaging soft drink.

And if you’re looking for more inspiration here’s a great article on 20 ways to make water more fun!