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Posted on 6 Oct 18:15
High Intensity Interval Training is a convenient, fast, and highly effective way to reach your fitness goals!

Despite its intimidating name, research shows that most people find High-Intensity Interval Training much more fun than low-moderate intensity exercise.

HIIT workouts are also convenient, fast, and a highly effective way to reach your fitness goals.

If you could burn fat, gain strength and improve your aerobic capacity in a fraction of the time required of more moderate-intensity workouts AND have more fun - why wouldn’t you?

Well, as with anything - HIIT workouts can go a little stale, particularly if you’ve been doing the same kind of thing for a while.

Not only does changing things up make it more fun, but varying your workouts also has many benefits for your body and brain, from breaking through a weight loss plateau, to sharpening your mind and boosting your memory.

Here’s a list of 6 ways to make HIIT workouts even more fun and effective.

1. Use TRX: It stands for Total-body Resistance eXercise and is a suspension training system with origins in the military. Sounds fun already! TRX offers exercise variations to suit people of all ages and fitness levels and is a great piece of equipment that can be used to train your whole body. It’s available for use in most gyms, and there are countless ways to incorporate TRX into your HIIT workouts - here’s one killer example.

2. Use Kettlebells: If your idea of a fun workout is one that is simple, yet intense - then kettlebells may be just what you’re looking for in your HIIT workout. Although a kettlebell is basically just a cannonball with a handle, it’s actually incredibly versatile, while also being compact and totally portable - which means you can take it to a park for a fun, full-body cardio and functional strength workout.

3. Use Battle Ropes: Nothing says fun like reaching your max heart rate in a matter of seconds by slamming long, heavy ropes into the ground. Not only can battle ropes boost your mood by helping you release some frustration, but they also melt away body fat to help release your abs. They’re perfect for an upper body finisher, but also great as a stand alone workout if you’re short on time.

4. Join a Spin Class: Joining in on a spin class is a super fun and social way to get a challenging and empowering HIIT workout. Cycling is not only amazing for building strength in your legs, glutes and core, but it’s also great for your endurance and cardiovascular fitness. More to the point, riding a bike is fun - so when the benefits of the bike are combined with the benefits of HIIT, thumping music and a positive social environment, spin classes are a true winner.

5. Bodyweight Only: Bodyweight HIIT workouts are awesome because they are really simple, effective and totally free. Lifting, moving and holding your own bodyweight is the epitome of functional fitness, and the convenience of doing workouts with no equipment means you can literally do it anywhere, anytime. You can do it in your living room with your favourite tunes blaring, or you can take it outside to a park or a beach. Grab a friend or maybe a few, for a fast, fun and free fitness frenzy.

6. Create Your Own: Perhaps the most fun thing you can do when it comes to HIIT workouts is to create your own. All you need is a Tabata timer app, then you set your intervals and choose your favourite moves. Imagine that - a HIIT workout made up of all your favourite exercises? Now, that would be fun.

That’s the key to turning our fitness regimes into lifestyle habits - doing what we find fun. However, what we find fun can change over time, so continually seeking out new skills to learn, or joining interesting new fitness classes will keep us motivated and enthusiastic.

Share this with your fitness-focused friends to inspire some discussion and maybe come up with even more fun ways to reap the benefits of high-intensity interval training.