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finding your passion

Every person on the planet has a life purpose. We all have a unique life to live and an individual path to follow. How clear are you on yours? We’re not talking about the path you’ve been raised and moulded to think you should follow. It has very little to do with what everyone is expecting of you, and it's impossible to connect with if you’re always focused outwardly on what everyone else is doing.


e are all here to bring something through us and out into the physical world. We all bring something unique, and unblocking our creativity and flow is the only way to bring that uniqueness out.

Be careful not to confuse your passion and purpose with worldly goals, such as career success, getting super fit and making heaps of money. It’s that unchanging part of who we are, how we relate to others, and how we engage with the world around us that directly aligns with our purpose. Meditating, journaling or having a discussion around the following questions can help reveal yours!


What parts of your personality are really yours?

Conditioning is the process of training or accustoming a person or animal to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances. You may have heard the term ‘social conditioning,’ which is the rules and behaviour dictated to us by society to ensure we fit in.

We really need to become aware of this and understand how much our conditioning impacts our mental, emotional and physical being. It’s not a comfortable or easy process, but this is the first step to leading life as yourself

When we’re living our whole truth, our passion and purpose are clear, so it’s time to figure out who you really are. Stop trying to be like other people. Instead, focus on being more and more of you every day. The energy of being unapologetically you is what leads to change, to thriving, and to real success. Lean into what’s easy and natural for you; lean into what’s calling you.

Move away from ‘what you think you have to be.’ Say yes to the things that are you, and no to what is not you. When you let go of what you are not, you are no longer interfering with your own path.


What gets you all fired up, passionate and angry?

What most excites you or enrages you? Take notice of what captivates you! What books are you reading? Which blogs are you always coming back to? What are your top Google searches? Is there a topic that you can talk about for hours?

If other people seem oblivious or complacent about a topic that makes you really angry, don’t worry - you’re not crazy! This topic may have something to do with your passion and purpose. Is this what the world needs most right now, in your opinion? Perhaps this is a cause or a movement you wouldn’t hesitate to invest your money in?

What is worth fighting for this week? What is worth fighting for in this decade? What is worth persevering with and speaking up about? What’s your fight? That’s your mission!


What did you love to do as a child?

As children, we know why we’re here. We’re natural creators and we’re so connected to our purpose. But something happens to us when we grow up. Societal dogma takes over, and we are thrust into the material realm; forced to adapt and be conditioned.


It’s a natural, primal survival mechanism to blend in with the herd. This served our ancestors, but it no longer serves us now. As we grow up, we create limiting stories and beliefs about ourselves to protect ourselves. This isn’t our truth.

Your inner child knows your purpose. You no longer need to allow your fears to drive you to be something that fits into a labelled box. Let go of any belief that you have to be a certain way to prevent abandonment or unworthiness.

Recognising and honouring your inner child will get you back in touch with your creativity. Think back to your childhood up until the age of 12 or 13; what did you love to do?

Having a natural talent doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn


What are you naturally good at?

When you ask a child this question, they can answer without hesitation. It’s time to recognise and reconnect with your superpowers. Having a natural talent doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn and that you can’t hone your skills further; it simply means you’ll have a great time on your journey to mastery.

girl playing the guitar

We take our special gifts and natural talents for granted because they are so natural and so easy that we assume that everyone else is built the same way as us. They aren’t! Everyone has something that they do easily, which not only brings joy to themselves but to people around them as well. Your natural gifts could be absolutely anything, from holding space and listening to others, to connecting with and caring for animals on a profoundly healing level. 

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to see what other people are good at or what their passion is? On the other hand, it can be challenging to notice these things within ourselves - simply because they are so natural to us. Ask your closest friends, family and colleagues what they think your strengths and inherent skills are.


Without the pressure to make money, how would you spend your time?

“You'll be doing things you don't like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don't like doing, which is stupid.” - Alan Watts

What would you do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?

When we see money as the most important thing, we completely waste our lives doing things that don’t excite us or bring us joy. The problem is, we’re conditioned to believe that we have no other choice. We have so many fears and stories around money; most of them are inherited from our parents - and their parents! Money is a touchy subject for so many people:

“I have to be working really hard all the time to make money.”

“I must make many sacrifices to earn good money.”

“Work can’t be play; work is not fun.”

“Money is evil; wealthy people are greedy.”

Sound familiar? These are just stories! Until they are released, your self-sabotage will keep rearing its head and holding you back from recognising your passion and living fully in your purpose. It’s time to rewrite your money story by replacing each of your negative beliefs with something more empowering!

The thing is, money is just energy. Making money and spending money is an energetic exchange. If you spend your time and attention on something you really want to do, in time, you will become a master. There are people in the world who want precisely what only you can create or offer. In this scenario, people purchase because of your truth, not through manipulation. As more people follow their passion and live in alignment with their purpose, there will be a shift into conscious consumerism. In fact, this shift is already happening!


What are your top 3 values?

What really matters to you in life? What do you believe in? This is not the time to list the values you think you’re supposed to have. Forget those! Forget the values society has forced you to adopt, then close your eyes, take a deep breath into your belly and ask you inner wisdom. The truth will come to you from your body, so avoid getting stuck in your analytical mind. 

Meditate, journal or dance; do whatever you need to do to get to your foundation. We must stop doing our jobs, having relationships, and entertain ourselves from the opposite end of the spectrum to where our values sit. When we normalise the opposite of our values, we give everyone we interact with permission to not embody their own values. By denying and suppressing your authenticity, you are depriving others of their own authentic expression.

You are your values, so embody them. Take action that aligns with your values every day. The key here is to focus on daily happiness rather than future happiness. Nothing will change as long as you continue to operate from the same routines that have created your current situation. Perhaps you’re telling yourself, “it will pay off one day.” But “one day” rarely comes! The only reality is here and now. Is it time to stop trading in your own happiness for status, obligations, and being perceived as a ‘good person’?

Overcoming a challenge makes you a master who can guide others


What is this experience or situation trying to teach me?

Sometimes life can feel difficult and unfair, but every failure, challenge and struggle is a perfect lesson. What is your life teaching you

Remember this: our outer environment is a mirror for what’s going on within us, and our happiness is dependent only on the way we interpret our experiences and our stories about the world.

Your goals and challenges are not about the actual goals or challenges, it's about who you become as you work towards your goals or overcome your challenges. Overcoming a challenge makes you a master who can guide others through similar challenges. It’s so beautiful that we’re all here to learn, level-up, and provide support and guidance to each other. You could say this is our collective purpose!


What are your fears and limiting beliefs?

Our thoughts create our future more than our actions do. What stories have you borrowed from society? It’s time to release fear and doubt so that you can reprogram your mind to operate in alignment with your highest self. Rather than comparing and over-analysing, listen to your inner knowing!

Put it this way: if your soul could choose what you believe about yourself and the world, what beliefs would you have? How would you behave differently if you knew everything would work out?

Hint: listen to the whispers in your body, rather than the loud voices in your mind.


Are you nourishing your body in a way that supports your life purpose with strength, clarity and confidence?

They say the body is the vessel for the soul. Do you agree? To live our lives with passion and purpose, then we must treat our bodies as sacred vessels. The better we treat our bodies, the better we feel. Nourishment and movement not only helps us feel more positive, but we become intellectually sharper and make more aligned decisions. Caring for ourselves also makes us more compassionate towards others, and we’re able to act with deeper love in everything we do.

Life purpose, wellbeing and happiness are so deeply intertwined. Are you moving your body daily? Are you providing your body with the nutritional support it needs to carry out your soul’s mission? Can you hear the whispers, or is there too much congestion blocking the flow of your energy? 

Maybe all you need to come back into alignment with your purpose is some recipe inspiration?

Stocking up on soul-nourishing superfoods and high-powered blends is a beautiful way to honour your body and your purpose, all while fuelling up to enjoy your passions.

Awareness of our truth is so empowering. Life becomes easier and much more clear when we dance our own dance. Be open to the possibility of everything working out best-case scenario, and your world will change. 




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