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Along with carbohydrates and fats, protein is one of the essential macronutrients that constitute a healthy, balanced diet. Made up of compounds called amino acids, protein is necessary for transporting oxygen and other important molecules throughout the body, repairing damaged cells and making new ones, protecting the body from viruses and bacteria, and producing enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and neurotransmitters.


etting enough protein in your diet is not only crucial for repairing your muscles, regulating your blood sugar, and balancing hormones after exercise, but protein keeps your hair, skin, and nails healthy too. Although it’s popular among bodybuilders and people trying to lose weight, the reality is that most people can benefit from adding a protein powder to their diet.

What can I mix protein powder with?

Variety is the spice of life, so it’s always good to have a few different ways to get your protein in. It’s so handy to have a healthy plant-based protein powder in your cupboard because you can add it to all sorts of tasty recipes.

There are many unique ways of using protein powder, and there’s no doubt that trying some protein powder recipes is a great way to support your health and fitness. The only question is: what can I mix protein powder with?

Protein powder recipes  

Here are 11 delicious ways you can use protein powder, along with more than 40 unique protein powder recipes that use Tropeaka Protein!



Have you just purchased some Tropeaka Protein and still wondering, ‘what can I mix protein powder with?’ The quickest and easiest way you can use protein powder is to simply add cold water, your favourite plant-based milk or coconut water, and mix it up in a shaker bottle.

girl hydrating after a workout

Protein shakes are a nutritious and satisfying option for a healthy snack when you’re on the go! 

Tip: Add a shot of coffee and some ice cubes for a healthy, high-protein iced coffee!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to protein smoothies, and you can tweak any recipe



If you own a blender, there are so many unique ways of using protein powder right at your fingertips. Smoothies offer a more decadent and delicious way to use your protein powder, while still keeping it quick and easy for people on the go.

girl preparing smoothies

Before and after a workout, the body refuels best with a 4-1 or 5-1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. In other words, having some carbs with your protein is the best way to recover and re-energise quickly. Since most protein powders have around 15-20 grams of protein per scoop, smoothies are an easy way to get the right ratio of carbs to protein.

Along with protein powder, frozen fruits and berries, superfoods, plant milk, and nut butter are some of the most common ingredients in delicious, high-protein smoothies. However, the possibilities are endless when it comes to protein smoothies, and you can tweak any recipe to suit your favourite flavours. Here are a few healthy protein smoothie recipes to try: 


Smoothie bowls and nice cream

On the days that you have a little more time to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy a meal sitting down, smoothie bowls and nice creams are great options for protein powder recipes. 

If you’re wondering what nice cream is, just think of your favourite ice cream and replace all the unhealthy ingredients with nutrient-rich, frozen bananas and plant-based protein powder!

All you need is a blender or food processor, along with many of the same ingredients used in smoothies. The main difference is smoothie bowls and nice cream recipes use less liquid to create a thicker texture that you can eat with a spoon. Check out these decadent recipes for nice cream and smoothie bowls:

Protein powder can work well as a nutritious substitute for flour


Cakes, muffins and bars

Did you know that Tropeaka Protein powders can be used in healthy baking? That’s right - your desserts and sweet snacks can now be healthy and packed with fibre and plant-based protein!


Protein powder can work well as a nutritious substitute for flour, and depending on the recipe, you may be able to replace all or part of the flour for protein powder. Have fun experimenting with the recipes you already use or try some of these amazingly healthy treats:


Protein oats and porridge

Oats already contain a decent amount of protein on their own, but it’s the fibre content that really keeps you fuller for longer. Using Tropeaka Protein in your oatmeal or porridge not only increases the protein content to help you through your day, but it also adds a richness of flavour and gives your breakfast an extra dose of micronutrients!

protein oats

Try some of these protein powder recipes next time you need the sustaining energy of oats in the morning:



Store-bought granola is an expensive treat that isn’t always as healthy as you’d like it to be. Making your own granola is not only more cost-effective, but it’s also extremely customisable. Homemade granola can be packed with your favourite superfoods and have the right balance of macronutrients to sustain you throughout the day.

Here are some unique ways of using protein powder to make your own delicious and healthy granola for any time of the day:


Chia pudding

Chia seeds are a highly nutritious superfood packed with gut-friendly fibre, healthy fats and high-quality plant protein. Chia puddings are an easy-to-make healthy breakfast or snack on the go, so why not save some time by trying these protein powder recipes:


Pancakes and waffles

Pancakes and waffles are a nostalgic breakfast favourite, but they aren’t usually known for their balanced macronutrient profile. The delicious protein powder recipes below are so healthy and balanced that you won’t need an excuse to have pancakes or waffles for any meal of the day!


Bliss balls

Bliss balls are the ultimate high energy snack for health-conscious humans on the go. Like granola, they are entirely customisable, but most recipes for bliss balls aren’t as protein-rich as they could be. Adding protein powder to your bliss ball mixture is a great way to improve the flavour and keep your energy levels steady throughout the day. 

Try one of these protein powder recipes in preparation for your next all-day adventure:


Other desserts

Dessert doesn’t have to be unhealthy! There are so many unique ways of using protein powder that indulging in some decadence after dinner no longer needs to end in digestive distress. Fudge, cookies, cheesecakes, mousse - you name it, your dessert can be a rich in protein, fibre and micronutrients. 

Get inspired about healthy desserts with these protein powder recipes:

Tropeaka Protein Powders are packed full of certified organic ingredients and are 100% natural and non-GMO


Coffee and other hot drinks

In addition to all kinds of meals, sweet treats, and smoothies, you can use protein powder in your favourite hot beverages and sip your way to stronger muscles and sustained energy.

It’s easy to make a hot chocolate with chocolate protein powder and your favourite plant milk, or you could try vanilla protein powder in your hot coffee for a more virtuous version of a coffee shop concoction. For something a little different, however, try this salted caramel hot chocolate


Choose a high-quality plant-based protein powder

We all know that artificial sweeteners and additives are bad news, so look for high-quality natural ingredients when selecting a protein powder for these recipes.

Tropeaka Lean Protein Vanilla

Tropeaka Protein Powders are packed full of certified organic ingredients and are 100% natural and non-GMO. Not only are these complete vegan proteins scientifically formulated to support your body's natural processes, but they’re also packed full of minerals, fibre, and omegas 3, 6 and 9, making them a super nourishing addition to any recipe.



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